White Sands Beach Water Pavilion

Tampa, FL

The original program for White Sands Beach requested the replacement of an existing beach pavilion located on the shore. While analyzing the site, patrons were observed congregating on the existing dock rather than the existing pavilion. They sought the connection to the lake surface and the open views. The new proposal sought to exploit these connections by splitting the program into two pavilions, one connected to the beach and one connected to the water.

The beach pavilion is anchored to the land with concrete and masonry. The water pavilion is void of walls, suspending the roof in the air by columns alone. Its floor assembly consists of simple joists and decking. In between, the structural elements slide past each other blurring the transition between the beach and water. The folding roof planes unite the two pavilions in form, but they differ in their connection to the ground. It appears to be an animated wing extending from the beach over the water. This form metaphorically references the birds flying low above the water’s surface, but also serves to open vistas towards the water.