Wannemacher Jensen Architects is Associate Architect with the Michael Maltzan Architecture Team for the new St. Petersburg Pier titled The Lens.


Michael Maltzan Architecture Team -Wannemacher Jensen Architects is Associate Architect

Throughout the design process, WJA has been excited to discuss all of the possibilities and consider the impact this design will have on the City, the County and its residents.  In a recent interview with 83 Degrees, Jason spoke candidly about MMA, their reputation, and the positive aspects that our collaboration has brought to the design which will hopefully one day be implemented in the community we call home.

“Michael Maltzan Architecture has received international acclaim and prominence that will ensure an iconic design with international appeal and innovation,” says Jason Jensen of WJ Architects. “We have strong roots in the area, contributing to local wishes and constraints while ensuring that the residents of St. Pete have a voice in our team’s design. Together, we will provide an international design, tailored to fit St. Petersburg’s environment and lifestyle.”

“We believe that we have a very collaborative team who is sensitive to local needs by taking the time to listen and getting to know the community and local environment,” says Jensen. “The objective is to work with the community to arrive at a solution that is embraced. Only then do we begin designing a place rich with experiences, a place that will truly make memories.”   -83  Degrees, Tuesday November 1, 2011



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  1. Lori Kremer says:

    I think your renderings of the new Pier are amazing!

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